Your Duct System: 4 Problems That Can Undo Efficiency

Your duct system is a crucial aspect of your heating and cooling system. Certain problems in your duct system can lead to excessive energy waste. Read on to learn about four serious problems that could significantly reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, leading to a marked increase in your utility bills.

  • No insulation: When there is a substantial temperature difference between the air inside the ducts and that of outside, large amounts of energy can be lost through the duct walls unless there is insulation in place. Ducts that run through unconditioned areas need insulation to prevent energy transfer.
  • Large air leaks: If there are visible holes or tears in your duct system, you’re losing a lot of conditioned air through those leaks. That air loss will be reflected in higher utility bills. Weight on fiberglass duct board can lead to leaks, and flexible duct sections can get torn. Disconnected ductwork is a troublesome problem as well.
  • Ducts that go nowhere: Ducts connect your HVAC system to every room in your home. But sometimes mistakes are made during installation and a duct ends up going nowhere. This is called a blind-alley duct. This will act like a very large leak, since conditioned air going through this duct will be wasted. Also, the room the duct was supposed to connect with will get no heating or cooling. You might have a blind-alley duct if one of your rooms is never at a comfortable temperature and there’s no air coming out of the register.
  • Underperforming return ducts: Return ducts direct unconditioned air to your HVAC system. Some builders insert return ducts through tight spaces in the house construction to save money and space, but this can cause leaks because these ducts have too much pressure on them. Some homes don’t have return ducts at all, which notably reduces efficiency.
  • A thorough inspection of your duct system can determine whether you have any of these problems. Contact Beyer Boys for more expert advice about your duct system. We’ve served San Antonio and South Texas since 1990.

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