Upgrading Your System? Lower Your Heating And Cooling Load First For Maximum Savings

Your home’s heating and cooling load refers simply to how much heating it needs to stay comfortable in the winter and how much cooling it needs to stay comfortable in the summer. But it’s not necessarily a simple calculation. When determining your heating and cooling load, your HVAC contractor should use the industry standard Manual J protocol, taking into consideration not only the size and shape of your home, but a variety of other factors as well.

Some contractors use a “rule of thumb” to size heating and cooling systems, sizing your air conditioner based solely on your home’s square footage, for example. This ignores a number of aspects that significantly affect your heating and cooling load.

There are some strategies you can use, however, to reduce your heating and cooling load before your contractor arrives to perform the calculation.

For starters, consider the amount of heat that transfers in or out of your home through gaps and leaks, or through poor insulation. Check your door frames for drafts and seal them up. Less obvious leaky spots include gaps around power outlets or plumbing penetrations, holes behind bath tubs, and small open spaces where walls meet. Check the insulation throughout your home, but especially in your attic, which is major source of energy waste in many San Antonio homes.

Other ways to reduce your heating and cooling load:

  • Upgrade your windows. Windows that qualify for the Energy Star program can cut your energy costs by 7-15 percent, according to the federal program.
  • Upgrade your lighting. An Energy Star-approved light bulb, for example, emits 75 percent less heat than a standard bulb. That is heat your cooling system doesn’t have to overcome to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Upgrade your home appliances. When it is time to replace your refrigerator, clothes washer, dishwasher or oven, look for models that put off less heat.
  • Reduce your solar gain. When it’s time to replace your roof, choose material that deflects more of the sun’s rays. Consider window or skylight tints that also limit the sun’s effects indoors.

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