Troubleshooting Tips When Your HRV or ERV Fails to Operate

If you have a modern home with relatively airtight construction, it’s important to have an effective ventilation system to ensure a regular exchange of stale indoor air with fresh outside air. Balanced ventilation systems – also known as Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) – can be very effective and generally won’t result in pressure imbalances inside the home that can degrade indoor air quality or otherwise compromise home comfort. As with any mechanical system, there might come a time when troubleshooting ERV and HRV problems is necessary.

How Do ERVs and HRVs Work?

These systems employ two airstreams: outflowing and inflowing. As part of this process, the airstreams transfer heat energy from one to the other, depending on the season. The heat transfer can help reduce the workload of your heating and cooling equipment so that it’s not having to cool incoming hot air in the summer, or lose valuable heat from exhaust air in the winter. Though the ERV also will transfer some moisture from airstream to airstream, these benefits depend on the season and relative humidity between indoor and outdoor air.

Troubleshooting ERV and HRV Problems

  • Whenever any system stops working, check the power supply. Is the HRV/ERV switched on? Is it getting electricity from the breaker box? Try resetting the breaker or replacing any blown fuses.
  • If the problem is restricted airflow, check air filters for any blockages caused by dust or debris. Exhaust-air grilles might also be dirty or blocked by objects.
  • Find out if the ERV is set for air exchange rather than defrost mode. Sometimes in excessively cold weather (which isn’t likely to strike South Texas), defrosting may occur, though it shouldn’t last longer than a half hour.
  • With an HRV, the condensate drain can become clogged. Look for any blockages in the drain line, and check to make sure the line isn’t kinked or otherwise constrained.

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