Too Much Static Electricity In Your Life? At Least Some Of It, You Can Manage

When it’s hot, even usually pleasant San Antonio can get humid. Static electricity and other problems associated with dry air are the last thing most residents have on their minds. But dry air in the winter can irritate eyes and noses and even crack wood fixtures and furniture. Further, dry air encourages electrons in your home to generate static electricity. Here’s how raising your home’s humidity level can diminish static electricity while protecting your home and guarding your family’s comfort.

The problem

Electric charges gather on the surfaces of your home and on your body, and when you touch one of those surfaces, a charge of static electricity occurs. This commonly happens when you walk across a carpet and touch someone or something. If the air in your home is very dry, you may actually become wary of touching anything — or anyone.

The solution

There are multiple strategies you can use to restore moisture to your indoor air. Both passive and active ways to raise your home’s humidity can get results. Consider which tips work best for your scenario:

  • Simmering water on the stove will release water vapor into the air. If you choose this method, keep your eye on the pot to make sure it always has water. Also make sure the burner’s off when you go to bed at night.
  • Using plants and bowls of water around the home will add some moisture to the air. But you may not see significant results.
  • Installing a whole-house humidifier offers the most comprehensive solution for dry indoor air. Working with your heating system, it will send water vapor through your ductwork for whole-house delivery of humidity.
  • Rubbing a dryer sheet over your clothing once you’re dressed will remove any charge.
  • Placing a wet cloth along with your clothes in the dryer will keep your clothes from becoming overly dry.

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