The Variable-Speed Blower Motor: A Feature To Consider When You’re Choosing A Heat Pump

There are several innovations that have been made to heat pumps recently to make them more efficient and functional than ever before.

One of the most notable innovations is the variable-speed blower motor. Also known as a dual-speed motor, this feature can be found on both the indoor and outdoor fan of the heat pump system. A variable-speed blower motor allows the system to work at variable capacities, as opposed to just a single speed. The unit turns on at half capacity, for example, and increases as needed to reach the target temperature.

There are four main benefits of having a variable-speed blower motor on your heat pump:

  • Enhanced comfort: The ability to vary the speed of the blower motor ensures that air continues to move at a comfortable velocity at all times. This minimizes sudden drafts of hot or cold air in your home,so you feel more comfortable, no matter what the temperature is like outside.
  • Lower heating bills: During times when the home only needs a minor temperature modification, a variable-speed blower motor allows the heat pump to operate at half capacity. It runs for slightly longer at a lower power, which decreases electricity consumption.
  • Less system strain: When the blower motor operates at half speed, less strain is put on the system. This increases the life of your heat pump, and decreases the frequency of repairs.
  • Minimal noise: A slower-moving fan produces less noise than one running at full speed all the time.
  • If you are interested in investing in a heat pump for your San Antonio home, it’s clear that the variable-speed blower motor is one feature that you’ll want to consider. For more information about heat pump efficiency, please contact Beyer Boystoday.

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