The Electronically Commutated Motor Works Year-Round, Offers 3 Benefits

With an electronically commutated motor powering the air handler in your forced-air system, you can benefit in three distinct ways. You see, this unique motor can power both the heating and the cooling in your home, resulting in savings year-round. Here’s a look at how the ECM works and how you will benefit from choosing an HVAC upgrade with this feature.

The electronically commutated motor

In the past, heating and cooling systems have generally had the permanent-split capacitor type of motor. This motor has been subject to multiple problems, including high levels of noise and inefficient operation at low speeds. The ECM overcomes those deficiencies. With built-in controls, the ECM uses a brushless DC motor that has two unique features: a converter that’s built in, and a magnet rotor. These components make it possible for the motor to adjust operating speeds on the fly, which the standard PSC can’t do.

The benefits an ECM provides

The primary benefits of using an electronically commutated motor include:

  • Reduced energy costs – The variety of speeds at which the ECM can operate allows for significant energy savings. By some estimates, the ECM uses 75 percent less electricity than the PSC motor. By extension, reduced energy consumption means that the ECM is also environmentally friendly.
  • Comfort – The ability to operate at multiple speeds offers additional benefits, including better indoor-air quality. With a standard motor, it’s not cost-effective to run the furnace or A/C fan nonstop to improve indoor-air quality. The ECM, however, allows for that. Its low-speed operation also ensures a consistent temperature throughout the home, further advancing home comfort.
  • Reduced noise – A quieter system is the final benefit the ECM offers. Permanently lubricated bearings — along with soft starts and slower increases in operating speeds — work to reduce noise levels.

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