Simple Ways to Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your San Antonio Home

You can’t do anything about how cold it gets this winter, but you can do a lot to prevent frozen pipes and any potential property damage. It’s important to note that temperatures don’t have to plunge into the extremes to freeze pipes. Ice formation can occur anytime freezing temperatures are sustained over an extended period of time.

If a frozen water supply line ruptures, it may pour hundreds of gallons of water into your home before the cause is even discovered. Taking proactive steps to prevent frozen pipes is a much better strategy than cleaning up the mess and damage after it happens.

Get Ready

Before cold weather arrives, close and seal all openings to your crawlspace. Also, seal cracks or gaps in exterior walls that may allow cold outdoor air into interior wall spaces. Make sure you have the contact information for a qualified local plumber who can offer dependable emergency services.

Insulate Pipes

Foam pipe insulation sized and pre-cut to slip over water supply lines are readily available. Install them on accessible water supply lines in unheated areas, such as your attic, crawlspace and basement.

Find the Shutoff

Know in advance where the main water shutoff valve is to your house, so you can turn off the water supply at the first indication of a frozen pipe. Don’t wait for the pipe to thaw — call for a plumber immediately.

Keep Temperatures Up

When a severe cold snap occurs, set your furnace thermostat above 65 degrees, and keep it there day and night until the weather stabilizes. You can open doors to closets and cabinets, so warm air can soak into wall spaces and beneath your floors.

Use Heat Tape

Electrical pipe heating tape specifically designed to prevent frozen pipes can be attached to spot heat specific pipe spans that are particularly vulnerable to freezing. Make sure to use UL-approved pipe heat tape and apply it according to manufacturer’s instructions.

For more prevention tips, or for professional plumbing services in San Antonio, contact Beyer Boys.

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