How to Repair Banging Water Pipes in Your San Antonio Home

Plumbing noises are more than just annoying — they may represent a problem in your pipes that can lead to costly repairs or water damage if left unaddressed. Knowing how to repair banging water pipes, and what causes them in the first place, is a valuable skill for all homeowners.

To understand shaking pipes, you should first understand a few pieces of physics. One is that water cannot compress. When moving water has its path shut off, the water moving toward the shutoff has to discard its momentum. Instead of being able to compress and equalize (as you can imagine a squishable object like a basketball would do), the momentum turns into a pressure surge, also known as a hydraulic shock. This pressure travels outward through your pipes, which can push them away from walls, rupturing the pipes and cuasing other plumbing problems.

A simple way to prevent hydraulic shock and repair banging water pipes is to install water hammer arrestors. An arrestor is a sealed tube, which stands vertically on top of a pipe near a valve or faucet. During normal operation, water passes below it. However, when the valve or faucet is closed, the water can simply change momentum into the arrestor, where the air forms a cushion that can decrease the speed of the moving water more gradually than a sharp shock.

Water hammer arresters are especially useful near appliances connected a water supply, such as dishwashers and washing machines. However, if you notice the water hammer effect on any of your faucets, you may consider installing an arrestor there. Arrestors are available at home improvement stores, or you may want to contact your local plumbing specialist for expert installation.

To learn more about how to repair banging water pipes, or to schedule repairs in your San Antonio home, contact Beyer Boys today!

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