How to Quiet Noisy Water Pipes in Your San Antonio Home

Because most of your water supply lines are routed through unseen and/or inaccessible zones in your home, you’ll need the services of a qualified plumber to track down and quiet noisy water pipes. Here are some of the most common causes and potential cures a professional can utilize to restore silence to your plumbing:

Loose Mounting

Water supply lines are subject to motion from the force of water pressure. In most homes, supply lines are anchored at regularly spaced intervals, usually bracketed to studs or other structural components. Over time, these anchor points may loosen or detach entirely, allowing pipes to move freely and generate noise.

By tracing the route of supply lines, a professional plumber can locate loose segments causing the noise and permanently secure them. Your plumber may also opt to cushion pipes where they make contact with your home’s structure to dampen noise.

Water Hammering

While the flow of water through pipes may generate banging and clanging noises, the sudden cessation of flow also causes noise. This phenomenon, known as water hammer, occurs when the flow of water under pressure is stopped, causing a shock wave that transmits backwards, rattling and banging the plumbing system. Water hammer arrestors can be installed in supply lines to provide an air chamber that absorbs the shock of water pressure when faucets are closed.

Pressure Issues

The severity of plumbing noises is often related to water pressure. In most cases, residential water pressure shouldn’t exceed 60 pounds per square inch. When pressure in your home is high, it’s usually because the pressure isn’t properly reduced by the pressure regulator located at the water meter. This device limits water pressure entering your home. A plumber can measure your home’s water pressure and adjust or replace the regulator if necessary.

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