How to Avoid Costly Plumbing Leaks This Winter

Any season is a good time to prevent costly plumbing leaks. However, it’s especially important to remedy these issues during the winter. First off, cold weather is more likely to trigger certain types of leaks. Secondly, an indoor inundation of water, small or large, is especially troublesome during the cold season.

After a substantial indoor leak, opening windows and running fans to circulate air is an important part of mitigating indoor water damage. During chilly weather, it can make your house uncomfortable or even unlivable until things dry out.

Fortunately, most common sources of household water damage are well-known. Taking these straightforward steps can help you avoid costly plumbing leaks.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Sustained temperatures below 28 degrees may freeze water supply lines causing a rupture and potentially catastrophic indoor flooding. First, wrap exposed segments of water supply lines with pipe insulation available at any home center. Then, close any gaps or openings in exterior walls that allow cold outdoor air to freeze water lines.

Promptly Investigate Leaks and Have Them Repaired

Small leaks may be the prelude to a major rupture. Don’t ignore nagging leaks, especially from uncertain sources. It’s important to call a plumber and fix the cause immediately.

Flush the Hot Water Heater

Hard water sediment accumulation at the bottom of your water heater tank can corrode your system internally, leading to leakage. It also makes your burner run very long heating cycles, which wastes energy and may deteriorate your tank. If you’re having this problem, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to shut down and drain the heater safely or have a professional plumber handle it.

Store Garden Hoses

Don’t leave outdoor garden hoses connected to faucets during freezing weather. Residual water inside the hose may freeze and expand, damaging the faucet or the supply line leading to it.

Check the Sump Pump

Make sure your sump basin is free of debris and that the pump inlet screen is clear. Pour in five gallons of water and verify that your pump activates, empties the basin and turns off properly.

Let the plumbing pros at Beyer Boys help you avoid costly plumbing leaks this winter. Contact us for more information today.

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