How Can Excess Moisture In The Indoor Air Devastate Your Health And The House?

Humidity is one of the essential contents of the air around us. It is should be at the right level. If it goes beyond the level, it will cause you personal discomfort in form of precipitation, weariness, allergies and asthma. And if it dips below the prefect level it will cause dry and itchy skin and eyes, dryness of nasal tract and many more. Read on to know how too much moisture in the air can affect you in more than on way-

• Humidity provides the lifeblood to various organisms that are thriving in your house. These can include dust mites, bacteria, molds, pests, etc. These creatures, when they come in contact with your body can cause an array of health hazards. For instance, bacteria grow in the damp corner of the houses. No amount of bacterial cleaning products a can eliminate them by cent percent. Pests of various kinds are found in swarming population in infected houses. They can range from beetles, rodents, vermin termites, ants and many more. Their dropping and urine can trigger asthma. Dust mites, that are smallest of the pests, breed in carpets, drapes, bedsheets etc. They can cause hay fever, watering itchy eyes, runny nose, dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis. Molds are one of the most difficult-to-terminate micro-organisms that breed in the house. They cause respiratory troubles, allergies many other related ailments. All these microbes and pest have one thing in common. They love humidity. In fact the appetites of certain types increase with increasing level of humidity. People living in infected houses fall sick often. If there is an ailing person living in such set-up, his illness gets aggravated. Humidity also lowers the body’s natural ability to cool down.

• Humidity also weakens the structure of your house. The metallic parts present in the structure get rusted and weakens. They may break at any point of time. If you want to break a piece of wood without hitting or bending it, all you have to do is expose it to moisture. This tells you what humidity can do to the wooden belongings as well as the wooden structure in the framework of the house. Moreover, the pests that thrive as a result of humidity can also do limitless damage to the structure of the house. The termites and the beetles can make the wooden structures hollow by eating into them. The wood will start coming out in form dust, splinters, and sheets. You will often encounter stuffy, moldy smells, peeling paint, creaky, crooked floors in various nooks of the house.

• Lastly the excess humidity level in the house also affects your wallet. Recovering damages done by humidity and pests can cost you a humongous amount. Therefore it is way wise to buy good dehumidifier for your house. It will maintain an optimum level of humidity by removing excess moisture outside the house. These days air conditioners also come with dehumidifying features. However buy an appropriately sized unit for your house. An over-sized unit will cycle on and off without enough time to condition the air and remove moisture effectively. This will make you feel clammy and uncomfortable besides doing other harms already discussed.




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