How Can a Humidifier Help During the Winter?

When it gets cold outside and you start using the heating system to keep your home warm and cozy, your indoor humidity levels can drop to uncomfortable and unhealthy levels. This occurs because the cold air outdoors doesn’t hold moisture well, and your furnace pulls out even more moisture as it heats your indoor air. A humidifier can help solve these problems by bringing your indoor humidity level back up to an ideal range of 45–55 percent.

Humidifier Options for Your Home

There are two basic types of humidifiers:

  • Portable units. These small humidifiers with a refillable tank work fine for adding moisture to the air in a single room.
  • Whole-home units. These humidifiers are connected to the water supply and installed on the furnace. They produce water vapor that gets distributed in the heated air that’s distributed throughout your home via the ductwork. You control the humidity level from your thermostat or a dedicated humidistat.

Benefits of Whole-House Humidification

Installing a whole-house humidifier offers a number of wintertime benefits:

  • Greater comfort. The right amount of humidity can prevent common discomforting winter complaints like itchy skin, dry hair and irritating static electricity. Since moist air holds heat better, you’ll find it’s easier to keep your home toasty and warm too.
  • Better health. Balanced humidity helps everyone in the household avoid dry-air-related problems like sore throats, nasal irritation, and worsening allergy, asthma and respiratory problems. You’ll also have a lower risk of colds and infections caused by the many bacteria and viruses that flourish in dry conditions.
  • Less risk of household damage. A lack of moisture in your indoor air can damage wood trim and floors, paint, drywall and furniture. Static electricity due to dry air can also ruin your costly electronic equipment. With adequate humidity, you can avoid these problems.
  • Energy savings. When moisture is introduced to keep your indoor humidity in the 45–55 percent range, you can dial back your thermostat setting to save energy without any loss of comfort.

To learn if a humidifier is a beneficial addition for your San Antonio home, contact us at Beyer Boys.Our goal is to help educate our customers in the greater San Antonio, Texas area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).

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