Here are the Warning Signs of Poorly-Vented Drain Lines

The vent stacks in your home’s plumbing system are metal or plastic pipes that extend from the drains to the roof of your home. The vent stacks allow the plumbing system to receive ventilation, which is necessary to prevent pressure from forming a vacuum. Poorly-vented drain lines may cause several problems. Following are telltale signs that your plumbing system could be lacking adequate ventilation.

Slow Draining

Obstructed vent stacks may cause unbalanced pressure in your drains, which prevents waste water from draining freely. Think of how holding your finger on the tip of a straw keeps the liquid from flowing out because you’ve made a vacuum. Poorly-vented drain lines are often mistaken for partial or complete clogs when, in actuality, your plumbing is suffocating.

Weak Flushing Force

Do you have to flush twice every time? Weak flushing force is often a problem with poorly-vented drain lines. Another sign is that the bowl doesn’t fill completely after a weak flush.

Bubbles in the Toilet Bowl

When your washing machine is draining, the high pressure of the draining water can force air bubbles into a nearby toilet when ventilation is lacking.

Bad Odors

The drain traps beneath your sinks literally trap water. The water retained in the traps prevents sewer gases, and subsequent odors, from entering your home. If there is a problem with the vent stacks or if they were installed incorrectly, a negative pressure forms in the drain and pulls the water out of the traps, and noxious odors seep into your home.

Unusual Sounds

If your drains are functioning properly, they shouldn’t make any unusual noises. If you hear gurgling or bubbling noises from the drains or pipes, whether a water outlet is in use or not, you clearly have a problem with poorly-vented drain lines. Air pressure can’t escape through the vent stack as it’s designed. If this is the case, call your plumbing professional.

If you’re experiencing signs of poorly-vented drain lines in your San Antonio home, take care of the matter before the problems get worse. Contact the professionals at Beyer Boys today for assistance.

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