Buying A Heat Pump: Five Advanced Features You Should Look At

Heat pumps are born efficient. That’s because rather than burning fuel to create heat, they move it around according to your settings at the thermostat. In the summer, heat pumps transfer heat from inside your home to the outdoors, leaving your living spaces cool. In the winter, they transfer heat from the outdoors to the indoors (there’s heat in the air even when it’s cold out).

Today, state-of-the-art heat pumps are equipped with advanced features that build further on this efficiency. Some features to look for when you are buying a heat pump:

  • Desuperheater. This feature captures heat as it’s shed from your heat pump in the summer and uses it to heat your water in place of a traditional hot-water heater. It’s at least twice as energy efficient as a standard water heater.
  • Two-speed compressor. This lets your heat pump adjust to your cooling or heating needs at the moment, running closer to the actual capacity requirements. Traditional compressors run at only one speed, regardless of your needs, which boosts electricity consumption and wear and tear on your compressor. The compressor is the part of the system that pressurizes and circulates the refrigerant.
  • Variable-speed motors. Similarly, an adjustable indoor fan reduces unnecessary energy consumption while moving your conditioned air at an appropriate rate. Variable-speed motors also help reduce uncomfortable blasts of cold air and reduce noise from your blower.
  • Backup burners. This feature is used primarily when it’s coldest outside. It reduces electricity consumption by providing supplemental heat produced by another, combustible, fuel. It can be fueled by propane, oil, coal, natural gas or wood. Backup burners are usually located in a second box alongside the heat pump, but they share the same ductwork.
  • Scroll compressor. Standard heat-pump compressors use pistons driven by a crankshaft to pressurize refrigerant. Scroll compressors last longer and run with less noise because one scroll stays in place while the other orbits around it to compress the refrigerant.

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