Are Your Heating Costs Unusually High? Your Ductwork Could Be The Culprit

If your heating costs keep rising, your furnace is operating more than usual and you have sealed the typical energy wasting areas such as doors and windows, it is time to inspect your ductwork. Research has determined you can save up to 10 percent of you heating costs by correcting ductwork problems. As a homeowner, you can inspect your ductwork for these trouble areas.

  • Caulking, duct sealer and tape may become brittle and crack causing the seams or joints to leak. Examine your ductwork for cracks, especially in attics and crawls spaces, which may go unnoticed for years.
  • Filters become dirty and clogged when return grills pull dirt and dust back into the system, causing your unit to run longer to supply air to your rooms.
  • Dirt, dust and pollutants accumulate in ductwork from leaks, old insulation and clogged filters, which can affect your indoor air quality.
  • Flexible connections on the unit can crack from dry rot and air will leak out, increasing your heating costs.
  • Insulation on the ductwork may be covering leaks in the ductwork that will go unnoticed and waste valuable energy.
  • Volume dampers may become loose inside the ductwork and partially close. This will change the airflow to a room and the system will use more energy to heat the room.

A homeowner can detect many of these ductwork trouble spots, but for the best results in lowering your heating costs, have a trained and certified technician do a complete evaluation of your ductwork. If you live in the San Antonio area, contact the professional staff at Beyer Boys to set up an appointment. We’re here to serve all of your home comfort needs.


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