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Blog Title: How efficient are the geothermal heat pumps?
How efficient are the geothermal heat pumps?
Category: Tankless Water Heater Repair Post By: David Bauman (Plano, TX), 09/21/2016

The heating and cooling systems that are used in the households or in commercial spaces have an efficiency rating. These rating are given by governmental agency after doing the needful calculation. To get an efficiency rating, the amount energy being used as an input and the amount that is being rendered by the unit as an output, and factors such as such as flue gas heat losses and cycling losses caused by oversizing, blower fan, electrical usage, etc., are taken into account. This is done for all heating and cooling systems. The efficiencies of furnaces are given in percentage. But the efficiencies of heat pumps are exhibited in coefficient of performance or COP. Most geothermal heat pump systems have COPs of 3-4.5. That means for every unit of energy used to power the system, 3-4.5 units are supplied as heat. If we put this in percentage, then on an average a geothermal heat pump has an efficiency of 400 %. The efficiencies of fossil fuel furnaces are between 78 and90 percent.

- Kevin Wheelan (Newark, NJ), 09/23/2016
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