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Signs You Need a Recharge
How would you know that you system needs a recharge? Well, here are some tips-

Vents are blowing room temperature air – This is one of the signs of low refrigerant in the system. But you should remember that there could be other reasons that would cause the A/c to blow warm air, such a not working thermostat. Bit in case of low refrigerant you will feel an instant blast cool air coming room the vents initially. Then it will slowly rise towards the room temperature. This change will not happen instantaneously but gradually.

Frozen units – This is one of the conspicuous symptoms of low refrigerant. The coils of the A/c are the conduits through which the refrigerant travels. The refrigerant has the chemical combination that can freeze almost anything that comes in contact with it. But these pipes are designed to withstand the refrigerant and circulate throughout the air conditioner. But in the event of a leak, the refrigerant would ooze out and the part around the coil will start freezing. There will be an ice build-up around the copper refrigerant line.

High power bills - You will get fat power bills at the end of each month. This is because the A/c runs much longer than needed to cool the home.

Another sign of refrigerant leak is that you will hear a hissing or bubbling sound coming from the unit. This is because of the refrigerant coming out of tine holes.

The leaks in the refrigerant line are mostly caused by any damage to the unit. It can also be due to a manufacturing defect. In that case your manufacturer should replace the unit. If you encounter the problem soon after buying, call up the company and tell them about the problem. Also let them know that you will prefer replacement. Leaks are also caused by gradual wear and tear. If the unit is 10-20 years old, then leakages are quite usual.

In case you are suspecting refrigerant leakage in your HVAC unit, then contact a good technician to get it detected and repaired. We have a list of top HVAC repair services on our website. These contractors are licensed, certified with length of experience and a good track record. They will also offer you competitive prices for their job.

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